Facebook is the most popular plat form in this century with ove a billion users. Users are enjoyimg features like phot sharing,instant articles,emotions,advertsiment,post and forums.
The video  sharing is equally a feature that can  take your facebook life to another level. 

Facebook Videos are becoming popular like Youtube video today, There are several apps that permits you to record videos and post them on facebook. The autoplay function equally helps in increasing views. Facebook videos are very important both to individuals,busineses and digital marketers.
Facebook videos can be used to advertise,pass a message or just keep your audience informed with your thoughts.

At times we might find a video which we will like to keep on our phone memory or SD card. In thhis post, we will see how to get a video from facebook to your computer in very few steps.

Step1:  Click on the video you want to download  (Play the video) if it is not playing automaically.
step2: right click on the video and  select get video url.
step3: past video URL on another tab.

step4: Replace www.  by m.
e.g www.facebook.com/xxxxxxxxx  becomes m.facebook.com/ ........................
we have simply change the web version to the  mobile version of facebook .
Step5: Right click on the video and click save video as.
step6: Give a name on the video and save it on any folder of your choice.
   You can now save the video into other devices  like USB,phone memory and SD card.
 There is another option to download videos that you uploaded by yourself.'
If you uploaded the video then
1. Open the vieo from your album,
2. click on options and
3. click on download either in HD OR SD. Its up to you.

if you are interseted in embeding facebook videos on your web pages and dont know about to go about it, then consider   using http://embed.ly.

Over to you now. Do you have another method?

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