As we are all happy that pay-pal now accepts users fron Cameroon. There is one important thing we need to know. Activating your pay pal account. The verification process  is very important for your pay pal account to function fully.

I opened a paypal account and verified with my BIA-niger VISA card. I will like to share the steps with you all.

Verifying your     
with the BIA VISA card.

((==)) Go to and click on "Sign Up"
((==)) Click "Open an Account" for Individual account type
((==)) Fill in your details including a valid email address you've never used on
((==))Click the "Agree and Create Account" button

((==)) You will then be required to enter your card details. Enter the card number, the expiry date and the 3 digits at the back of the card in the spaces provided.
((==)) Click "Continue" to proceed to your account.
((==)) Sign in to your email account and click on the verification link in the mail sent to you by Paypal. This might prompt you to enter your password for you to sign in to your Paypal account. I will recommend is gmail or Yahoo.
((==)) Once signed in, click the 'Get Verified" link .
((==)) You will be redirected to a new page to confirm your card for verification. The card type, the last four digits of the card to confirm and the billing address will be displayed. Click on "Continue" to proceed.
((==)) After clicking "Continue", Paypal will charge the card about 2dollars to make sure it's yours. You will be required to confirm that the the card is actually yours by confirming the amount deducted .

((==)) You will get a statement from you bank with the pay pal code inclusive. Its a four Digit code

((==)) log back in to your PayPal account and click "Confirm my debit or credit card".

((==)) Enter the 4-digit code from your card statement in the space provided and click "Confirm Card" button. This will be followed by a confirmation message. Make sure you see your account status as verified.
   For the new Pay pal inter phase,  Click on Wallet, Then  click on Card to verify.

Once it is verified then you can pay on sites that accept pay pal. For now i know only of the BIA CARDS that can be used to verify pay pal accounts in Cameroon. In case you used another card just let us know. Thanks
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