Does anyone have a speck of suspicion about how lives and economies have changed during the crisis of Covid-19? It seems that the ghastly wars fought in the past, the greatest of all the natural disasters, the anomalies of politics and economy, and various other incidents appear bleak in front of this major crisis. Although it does not make any disaster of the past less significant, the impact of this crisis cannot go away anytime soon. 

Well, miracles do happen, so people can keep their fingers crossed for good things to happen. What role can Instagram play in this hour of crisis? As one of the most popular platforms that account for substantial web traffic, should it follow others' footsteps and arrange funds for small businesses? It seems to be a somewhat imperfect suggestion as far as technology is concerned, so it is time to take one thing at a time. 

Links for businesses 

Can Instagram go a step ahead and enable links for users? If you consider the old scenario, you are sure to bump across the platform of Instagram, where the viewers cannot see the external links of posts. This step is indeed an effort to make people stick to this platform, and it benefits businesses looking forward to web traffic from Instagram. If there is any good that Instagram can do to the world of small business and e-commerce, it needs to take place soon. 

They can allow the release of at least one link for each user and let the small businesses with this offering. Let the traffic come spontaneously and assist these local and small businesses to get free Instagram likes quickly. Businesses should not stop during this pandemic, and all they need is a little bit of cooperation from experts to boost their online presence.

Enabling the prevention of lousy propaganda

While several social media are playing their part while dealing with the outbreak of the Coronavirus, Instagram is right there for assistance.

  • Instagram has announced that people looking for information on the platform can turn to educational and informative messages sourced from the World Health Organization and other authentic sources. With over a billion users of this platform globally, more and more people can access these messages to cope with the ill-effects of this pandemic. Moreover, this step can also help people to fall prey to information that is not true.
  • The company is also planning to introduce stickers to highlight information on the pandemic that is true and authentic.
  • Instagram plans to provide links of donations for non-profit organizations and provide information on social distancing from the app.

According to suggested views, Instagram, which depends mainly on visuals through photos and videos, a couple of them, should explain to people how to maintain social distancing and follow the norms of cleanliness and sanitations.

Time to post

You were familiar with posts that talked about the best time to posts on social media to enhance the chances of getting likes. However, the scenario of posting has shifted with the pandemic. With schedules thrown out of gear due to the outbreak of corona and people spending more time online, social media, or better to say, Instagram can reinvent itself in terms of its posts' timing to cater to the followers. With massive changes in the use of social media, people need to adapt to the new timings. 

According to sources, the posts should hit Instagram during the first hour and sometime in the latter half of the day. While the concentration of activities previously on Instagram was visible in the early hours of the morning, the activities are now more common during the working hours of weekdays, and things are coming to a halt in the evening. Therefore, it is time for Instagram to gear their technology, and the online-centric life indicates.

Spreading the news about the pandemic

Besides the already suggested changes that are to take place, Instagram may provide news about Covid-19 to its users and highlights the methods that can help people prevent the disease. The call-out for the news is likely to stay on the Home screen feed. People from countries that are worst-hit with the coronavirus should maximize the benefits of the news. Besides this, Instagram can alter its AR effects for people looking for information and ensure that the source is authentic. The company is working hard to prevent the spread of information people do not need. Moreover, the parent company and owner of Instagram, has already closed the MSQRD app. 

Changing fonts of stories 

According to news, Instagram may also change the font of stories. With more and more people becoming active on Instagram, the change in the font amid the pandemic can get the followers to engage more intimately. Previously, Instagram also removed the listings containing the advertisements of face masks.

How brands should deal with follower engagement

For brands trying to gather likes and comments through social media, the quality of posts can make a substantial impact on Instagram. If you keep on featuring the previous posts that audiences have already read or seen, you have to change the tone of the posts to mention things that resonate with the existing users. During this pandemic, the entire world has come to a halt, so it is better to focus on those posts that incite the emotional facet of people. Although Instagram is still managing to stay at the top among the other social media platforms, there has been a significant dip in the usage patterns.

Dealing with the outbreak

Many new trends are likely as far as tracking the habits of users on Instagram is concerned. While children look forward to things of their interest on this platform, the parents can check a few home improvement tips. Therefore, competition on Instagram can hit an all-time high during this hour. Quite naturally, brands need to look for new ways to keep the connection with Instagram alive. When catering to people's tastes during the lockdown and outbreak of disease, the approach should be more respectful and human for better responses.

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Pete Campbell is a social media manager and has immense knowledge about email marketing and Instagram promotion. He delights his clients by helping them buy real Instagram likes. He loves to travel, write and play baseball.

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