As one of our objectives, we are out to get the cameroon business online. But what happens when you find yourself online ?. just like any other business, we need to acquire customers and keep them as well. This is the reason we have brought to your our marketing automation service.
Before getting to this service let us get to understand what automation means  in this case.

in simple terms, marketing automation refers to the use of softwares to market on multiple channels online such as websites ,social platforms and emails.

According to this online marketing company,,

‘’Marketing automation is a category of technology that allows companies to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows, so they can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster.’’’’

In all we see that it involves using  a technology  to carry out repeated task  making our task easier leading to more earnings.

What make our offer unique
We are making use of cloud technology which is why we will rival the top platforms offering similar services. Cloud computing  is what every business should take advantage of. Our system allows you to go beyond the traditional automation to calls making you to track customer by phone,using forms,and analyse all data with a giant tracking system integrated into our system. This permits you to grow your leads and business since you will be able to collect,analyse,optimize,automate, and market with our software.

what does this software do?

It is able to track customers even before they contact you. if you able to know your customers, you will be able to send them the right emails.
The common thing today with email marketing is that mails are sent in bulk and readers click on what is of interest to them  in order to make a purchase. If the email is boring the reader simply ignores it and goes away. It is painful when you spend sleepless night drafting nice emails for someone to ignore.

               We have made it such a way that you will be able to send the exact email to the customer based on the action he performed on your site. Let us say a client clicked on a product and later is attracted by a youtube video . the client light forget to continue with the shopping  after watching the video.  With the system we provide, you will be able to know what this client was doing on your site. You will send him/her an email about this product

‘’hey don't   forget to complete the pĂ»rchase of your kids dress. She will be very sad to know dad forgot to do shopping for her’’

With our marketing automation, you will be able to drive more leads and convert these leads to sales. This is the target of any online marketer. It will be a great tool to make your online marketing platform in cameroon a successful one since we think cameroonians are slow to respond when it comes to online shopping. With this tool you can keep the slow customers awake.

After talking much you might still be thinking here are some features you can benefit from our tool.
Here are some features you will benefit from using our tool.

-email automation based on the behaviour of the customer.
-A form which you can use to generate lead. our forms are very easy to customize.

-update of the best leads . this avoids you from stressing with many leads.  If for example you have 125000 leads in a day. With our system, you will know the best leads based on their action on your site.
-know about your client with the visitor id option. with our system, you will be able to know more about your customer, such as his location,phone number,email,social media address and the pages he is visiting on your website.
-our system comes with a powerful CRM.However you can still synchronise your data to work with third party CRMS.

-with our system, you can also track customer right from their mobile phones with the call tracking feature.
-our powerful analytic feature helps you to get  in touch with the data of your team,customers and clients. Tracking has never been this easy.
-You can connect our software to social apps including facebook twitter and linked. This thus makes your social marketing campaign so easy to manage leading to high conversions and ROI.

    other feature to note include, direct mail marketing,lead nurturing,search marketing;landing pages a,web forms,lead scoring;campaign segmentation,contact management a ROI tracking among others. Our system works well with Zapier, google apps,ZOHO CRM,twitter,salesforce and more

What makes our system unique is that, it helps you send mails that are of interest to the customer.
A  common question i received from other  online Marketers on the web  was

‘’ is your system valid for cameroonians only?’’

The answer is no.
I am a Cameroonians and working to better online marketing here.  The online marketing community is one . Users from all over the world can get in touch to have a tasted of this great system which is described by ,any as   ‘’magical’’

 Why Magical?
 This summary tell you why: 
-Identify anonymous visitors to your site
     -Send tailored, behavioral-based emails
-Track and score every lead
-Notify a salesperson about important lead actions
-Create lists that update automatically

Feel free to ask any question regarding our system.
Discover the power of cloud computing before fog computing takle control. enjoy the power of automation.
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