Wearable technologies have continued to give consumers more options. However, some people do not like the techy look that most of these technologies come with. Manufacturers have taken up the challenge and come up with some nice looking gadgets. These devices can combine technology and style. As a result, one can wear this device to a formal dinner party without feeling awkward. Here is a list of the coolest devices. 

1. Activity Crystal
This is one of the most stylish wearable technologies currently available to consumers. In fact, on first look, no one would think it was a smart watch. The device has sensors that can track steps and it is fitted with GPS. Besides that, the device also acts as a sleep tracker. Due to its stylish look, it has no meaningful display. To view the data, one has to hook it up to their smartphone. The device has lights that are used to show the time. In addition, it is water resistant, which means one can go swimming in it. The exterior is covered in beautiful crystals. 

2. Mira Bracelet
A while back, wearing a smart device while dressed smartly used to be quite awkward. The Mira bracelet has helped to change all that. This device will guarantee to get quite a few heads turning. It flawless combines fashion with technology. The device responsible for fitness tracking is known as Mira opal. It can track steps, calories or distance traveled. The device works effortlessly with both the iOS and Android platforms. You can dissociate the Opal tracker and place it on another bracelet that matches your outfit. 

3. Hug Smart Watch
The Hug Smart Watch may look like an ordinary watch, but it is more than that. The development of this device would not have been possible without the input of Indian based Hug Innovations. They decided to come up with a simple drone controller that does not have to be carried around in a special bag. This device is fitted with an impressive processor and some great sensors. As a result, you can control your drone with just a few motions. The drone controller development would not have been possible without the Azure cloud platform by Microsoft. 

4. Ringly
This is one of the best innovations in wearable technology. The device comes in the form of a simple ring. It is available in different types such as emerald, sapphire, and others. The Ringly wearable tech synchronize with any iOS or Android based device. As a result, you get alerts about messages or calls that you receive when your phone is deep inside your bag. The company is also collaborating with companies such as Mastercard to offer contactless payment. 

5. Fossil Q Dreamer
Fossil recently bought the Misfit brand, and they have already begun to come up with some awesome innovations. The Fossil Q Dreamer was their first wearable technology they released. It has already won over the hearts of consumers. The device is designed to resemble a bracelet that has an activity tracker embedded into it. The device comes with multiple straps and other cool finishes. It makes it the perfect device for any outfit. This device also comes with filter capabilities; it can send some of your calls to voice mail while ensuring you do no miss important calls such as from your trainer. 

6. Moto 360 2
This chic wearable watch is designed with women in mind. The device is thin and appears more like a beautiful strap than an actual smart watch. With this watch, you can hook it up to your Android or iOS smartphone. It offers many capabilities such as receiving and sending messages. In addition, you can receive notifications from apps such as Facebook on this device without a hitch. 

7. Pebble Time Round
So far, this smart watch holds the record for being the thinnest smart watch. The device is only 7.5 mm thick. It offers buyers a range of rose gold and silver straps.  In addition, this device comes with a health platform. 

Elegance and technology have fused in a huge way in the recent past. The result has been some cool devices that are making a positive impact on consumers. With time, this trend is likely to dominate the market.

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