In reaction to my last post on ‘’Getting started with Facebook marketing’’, many reader asked me the question ‘’what about the free methods?’’. Today, I will be covering some of the free methods top get your brand exposed to the public. Let us get started.

Join Facebook Groups you think will have your potential clients
Facebook groups are a great way of exposing your brand. Posting links to your website, page or even you own group can increase your sales and exposure. You should not just post links on any groups. Different Facebook groups have their rules, so read the rules of any group before joining. For example, if you want to promote school fashion and weight loss products, look for a group that is made up of youths and ladies like ‘’Le Bamileke’’. There are other groups that allow you to promote your business with no restriction. Groups like; Facebook advertisement, promote your business here are worth trying.
Another thing you should consider is your location. You cannot be promoting in a group in Germany or UK, when you actually want local customers from Cameroon. To wrap this section, promoting on Facebook groups should start clear objectives.

Promote to your friends
Your Facebook friends can be converted to your fans if you are a celebrity or customers if you have a business. They had been some rumors that Facebook limits the number of people that see your post. However, with no limitations making your profile public allows your post to be seen by friend, friends of friends and the chain will continue if friends of friends share your post. Again, you don’t have to make it as a habit always promoting a product. It will turn to make some of your friend bores. Diversify your strategies; give room for discussions, as questions, allow people to tag you in their post and more. Don’t just be ‘’yourself’’ as it is commonly said. Make sure you are not being tag on porn videos and other abusive content. You can consider converting you Facebook profile into a page with time. Yes it is possible to change your Facebook profile into a Facebook page.

Comments on popular post
Commenting on popular post is another great way to advertise your product or service. Again don’t just post links on any post. Avoid spamming post, as some of your comments can be reported especially on a content that is being promoted. Comments on post that gives room for discussion. For example if you want to promote a mobile phone on a post by ( on Facebook. You can as write something like this ‘’This is a great way to sell a product in Cameroon. I will post my  Samsung phones at on vendito soon). Just be logical in the way you comment on others post.

Posting on Facebook pages
Posting and commenting on Facebook pages will greatly improve your online presence. When you like a page, you can as well benefit from the page. For example if you want to promote a music brand , you can always comments and post on pages that market may be electronic products, brewery and others. Avoid promoting on a page that offers the same product or service like yours. It shows immaturity on your path to be doing such a thing and people might not take you serious. Post topics or questions that will provoke discussion .

 Participate in communities.
Promoting on communities is another popular way to expose your products or services. This method is very effective for tech pages and celebrities. There are so many communities on Facebook you can join and start a discussion. The nature of your discussion will attract friend to your profile which can lead to a like on your page or a visit to your website and how knows? Your earnings can be increased.
Feel free to share your views and other ways to promote on Facebook for free.

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  1. Hey Angu ! Thank you for this article i found it helpful to reaffirm some stuff i have been learning on the past weeks... the importance on relationship building rather than blasting links and posts like they where free Ads... It is great to be learning with people from all over the world, growing into better human beings... I wish you all the success, abundance and blessings on your life and business journey... I hope to see you around and connect more... Cheers :)

  2. Thank you for your comment. For sure, the best is still to come.

  3. Thank you Clarence Bowe. Looking forward to read more comments from you.

  4. Helpful article and all facebook marketing tips awesome. I use for my website and let me tell you how it works. Cheers!


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