Hello to you all. We will be getting more VPN tricks to get free internet and unlimited browsing. If you want to get the best for your VPN, it is good to try a premium version. VPN works for both phones and Computers . You have to decide where you want to use your VPN before downloading it.
Due to the numerous  readers requesting for free internet, I have done some research to ensure that everyone have a taste of free internet be it on the PC, Phone or tablet. Thanks to   Alex Buchi who requested information on how to buy Your Freedom VPN. I visited the site and discover a lot of interesting features . The most interesting part was that it is free and that we can get free internet with the free VPN.
Our focus today is on a  Virtual Private Network called Hotspot shield Hot .

Hot spot shield is a free VPN .  Users can get additional features when they upgrade to the premium version. The 2013 award winning VPN is available for both PC and mobile phones. 

Hot spot shield can be used to have free internet. It has several benefits such as :
1. It allows you to encrypt your personal information when at work on in public. 
2. It can be used to surf the web anonymously. 
3.You can access blocked site with this VPN. There are other benefits you can get using this VPN.

What about the free internet with Host spot Shield VPN?
We are about to get started. Are you read?

step 1
Download the sotware at

Step 2
Unzip the files using winrar  and install it.
Step 3
Connect your phone  and launch hostspotshield.
Enjoy the free internet. Check out our next post with Your Freedom
For any questions leave a comment.
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  1. Thanks for coming up with the information of free mtnnexttel and orange internet. I would say Hotspot Shield is one best VPN and should be used by anyone.

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  3. How to share internet from android to laptop via wifi without software.

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  6. Can i get any other VPN brand instead of hotspot shield? I am looking to get your internet but i want this VPN service: https://novavpn.com/ let me know if possible.

  7. With web security treats popping left and right,popcorn time picking the best VPN benefit is critical in guaranteeing that your business and your own data are not hacked or noxiously conveyed on the web.


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