How to make money during the world cup in Brazil.

      Football is one of the most entertaining games in the world. Brazil will be hosting the 2014 FIFA world cup.Some will be in Brazil to witness the event while others will prefer to stay home. There one thing that we all need to know.   They will be one winner . What will happen if your favorite team is eliminated? This mean many will express dissatisfaction at the end of the game. Now how can this be compensated for? Set up a plan B ;Use the world cup as an opportunity to make  money. Many think only Brazilians will make money. Everyone can do. The world cup will run from 12the June to 13th July 2014. One month is enough time for you to make some real cash.
To the local Businesses home; Set your products on promotions.Take for example you rae in the US. they are citizens from all over the wworld who live they. Each time a team is playing set up promtions throught discounts, free gifts ,free deliveries for products such as T-shirts and caps. This will enable you make some quick money.  You can sell products related to your country only if you are not in the US. For example if you are in Spain, red, green and white T-shirts will sell more during this period.

TO the Individual Going to Brazil
;  Buy  plastic bangles,small flags,whistle,small banners and anything that weighs less you think can be needed to support football and take  to brazil. Many are excited to go to brazil without thinking of what will keep the fun. They will probabaly need something on them to show they are supporting a given team or to keep the world cup heat. This will be the opportunity for you to make cash. Increase the price to about 10-20 percent of the normal price.

Entertainers/Bar owners/Restaurant/Snacks etc
This is the time for you to get the maximum sale from your business. Organize events that will bring football fans together. Take for example USA is in the same group with Germany, Portugal and Ghana. When USA is playing againss Ghana for example, you can organize and event with title such as; Ghana footbal night, US soccer night, Ghana -USA football night. This is dependent on you make sure you choose a captivating name for your event. Use this event to make maximum sales and benefit from the world cup.

Game developers and App Developers
: Think of the number of downloads you can have for a game called Brazil 2014. Be careful with copyrights if you want to try this.

Comedians, Dancers, musicians and other entertainers; You can take this as an opportunity to make money. Just be smart .You can ''steal'' the show in Brazil and make money.

Designers and Artist; Just get your piants and other tool ready. Mnay will want flags to be drawn on their faces before a match. You have to make yourself vailbale. You can do this while in Brazil or in public places(streets,bars etc) where supporter willbe watching a given match if you are not going to brazil. Also note interesting or crazy hings that you notice during the worl cup.Write them up on T-shirts and sell them.

Other Comapnies producing goods
; During this period you can write out support messages for teams such ''we Love the indomitable lions'' ,'' Brazil champion'' to attract custumer. Make sure you dont use trade marks for compnies on your products
Financial institutions; Finacial institutions offering money transfer service can lower the charges on money ttransfer to Brazil. Credit card companies can also lower their charges so that more money can be withdrwan/ transfer
  You should think of other ideas that can be used to increase your sales during this world cup in Brazil 2014. Think of thee vuvuzedla in in South Africa. It was just discovered during the world cup. Enjoy the world cup be you a fottbal fan or not.

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