Lately getting to a an MTN agent through  the MTN Cameroon service number 7123 had not been easy ( considered impossible by others). As it is said never put all your eggs in one basket. There are many ways you can get a problem solved.  Here are some alternatives  you can use  whne 7123 is not going through.
1. Dialing the internet service numbers ( 7126 or 7127) . When you call this number you can request to talk to an  agent of your choice or prferrable presesnt you problem .
 Note that you need to be patient when calling this number .Some times it takes up to 25minutes or more for someone to get you
2.  Dial *123# on your phone.
This code gives you access to Mtn products and services. There is a menu where you can manage your account, prpaid services and  bundles. This is good if you simply want some codes to subscribe for a particular service or to unsubscribe. This can enable you to
access whatsAPP, buy internet packages, buy Bulk sms, use services such as     Me2U,Call me back ,favorite numers without putting in codes. You just need to follow instructiosn by replying with numbers that corresponds to offers you need.
3.  Join the MTN Fan page on Facebook or twitter.
Most of us spend time on facebook. If you cannot call 7123, you can post what ever is disturbing you on the MTN fan page. Hopefully you will get the right response form experts or those with a good knowledge of MTN products and services.
4. Consult Friends.
This is a method of getting your problem solved that many neglect. They are a good number of people with a good knowledge of MTN products and services. Just present your problems to friends . You might just get the exact solution you needed.
5. Visit the MTN website. or . A website is ''business location'' You can get really good information on websites. To get a specific problem solved or specific question answered,use the search gadget to type putting in the key word. For example if i want to subcripe to MTN Zik, i will type '' How to subcribe to MTN ZIK''  .
 6. Visit the MTN Service center
This is tha last option. However it gives a solution. Sometimes you might call 7123 for a particular problem but unable to follow instructions given. You are left with no option than meeting an agent at the MTN service centers.
Note that this is time consuming as they are always many custumers at the service centers.
   Thanks for reading this post. If you have alternatives, you can post as comments or send by email. Enjoy MTN services.

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