Do yoy know that while we spent time in the cities complaining of poor network or slow internet, they are people who don’t even have? Today , I will  make you discover  how network is precious.
Acha-tugi is located in the North-west region of Cameroon in the momo divison . Mbengwi is the head quarter of the Momo division. Just to let you know that there is one cyber cafĂ© in mbengwi . the internet connection here is unbearable. Also not all areas in mbengwi have access to network. I will not talk much about mbengwi. Let  us move straight to the hills of acha-tugi.
-->Every day we here of new telecommunication companies in  Cameroon  that have come to solve the problem of internet, calls and so on. Today we can talk of about  7 companies that offer internet services .  nothing seem to have improve because they are all centered in one area, network coverage is limited to the urban and semi urban areas. This is what has been and might remain if proper care is not taken. Do we realy enjoy equal rights? 

This is one of the most important areas in Acha-tugi. This place is called network. This is the only area in the village where network can be accessed. The structures you see serve as a bank. Savings are done here during the traditional days referred to as  “contry Sunday”  .  people leaving farther even pay upto 1500frs ( about 2.9€)to come here and make phone calls. This area got no electricity . phones  are charge where using generators.
This does not prevent the inhabitants from  enjoying their rich cultural diversities. 

Before saying good by you must be aware that getting here is not an easy task. 


what a trip!!1
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