Roads in Cameroon-moving to the interior-life in the interior.
Cameroon is a country with so many natural resources, talents, products of various variety, tribes, and so many others. It is quiet easy to get information from the cities and semi urban areas. The big questions the remains unanswered is how is information obtained from the interior? How can one get to the interior? ;How is life in the interior parts of cameroon?  RANSBIZ blog will answer these questions and more.
The wonderful topography of the Acha –tugi area Momo division North-West Region Cameroon.

the attractive hill of acha-tugi

Imagine yourself visiting a natural environment like this on a weekend. Can’t imagine how you are going to feel.  I can imagine how you wish to visit a place like this. I have something to tell you. To get to this part is not as easy as you might be thinking. The mini bus cannot even make an attempt to go to Acha-tugi.  Not all cars that have 4WD can even go to this wonderful area successfully.  We met so many cars on the way faced with the problem of overheat.
 I was told the best means of transportation from Mbegwi to Acha is by bikes

bike helping to facilitae transportaion

Bikes on the mbengwi-Acha road.
I could not imagine my self on a bike so the next alternative was this

Moving to Acha-tugi.
With this means you will make it to the beautiful highlands of Acha-tugi.
This is not the only place  in Cameroon face with the problem of roads. Roads linking one division to another  such as Douala-Nkam division, Bamenda-Menchum , just to name but few.  Most of these roads are the so called seasonal roads. During the rainy season we are face with the problem of slippery roads . during the dry season the dust on this roads is unbearable. Others keep enjoying while deceiving others that hard way the only way.  The moral law is forgotten in our communities. Yabassi for example in the Nkam division is a major source of timber in Cameroon but has a very poor road network. 
Should transportation prevent us from enjoying natural environments like this?  I will like to hear your responses. There is no reason why we should have roads like this should not be tarred. Everyday we hear ministers arrested for embezzling billions of francs CFA which are never seen. Those in the interior are separated from their brothers by such nature of roads.  Very few people will like to go through such to get to town. They will rather prefer to stay in their various localities. They are being deprived from the right of communication. What is being done nothing? How long will it last?  Lets see what the future holds for the people of Acha-tugi

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sunny day 
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