How do you generate leads? Do you rely on old-fashioned methods—people who come to you, handshakes, networking? Especially when it comes to business-to-business growth, it can be a continuing challenge to generate more leads, year over year. However, if you build a foundation of good practices, then you’ll be assured of success.
 So what are those foundational elements? For starters, social media matters—but social media isn’t the end-all, be-all. You can use it but you shouldn’t rely on it exclusively. And not every social media platform may make sense to use. Your customers may not be on Twitter, for example, but they may spend a great amount of time on Facebook. If so, then be there. 

   And one of the worst things for any lead generation approach is shoddy quality. If something is bad, it shows. If content doesn’t have value, customers (or potential customers) won’t read it. If you don’t put the time into something, your leads will know it. 
And you have to put the time in at places where you’ll get noticed. That includes offering education and creating webinars—all opportunities for people to see you and think about you and your company. 
 You also have to look at your data-gathering methods. What data do you have and how are you using it? Is it good data or are there ways that you should be changing what you gather?
  Finally, you have to test. Some things work. Some things do not work. What you write, what you present, what you try to convince people of—you have to push boundaries and figure it out. When it’s good, , when it’s engaging, when it adds value, your potential clients notice. This infographic  from  Sales Force explains more of what’s behind that process.

6 Top B2B Lead-Generation Strategies

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