The marketing landscape is in a constant state of flux and as emergent technologies begin to mature, the intersection of these different technologies will begin to open up new possibilities in the world of marketing.  Digital marketing  has made the world of marketing very exciting as those using it can enjoy profits with very little work compared to the traditional forms of marketing. Here are 5 key technologies to be aware of.

1.      Marketing-Automation Tools
Automation tools are quickly replacing the need for individual marketers to be in dialogue with customers in order to deliver a personalized experience. Facebook Messenger, for example, is increasingly becoming a marketplace as chatbots that are able to respond to complex situations and engage in detailed conversation increasingly become a viable option for driving leads and sales.

As social media has already localized the entirety of brand awareness and placement to customers’ mobiles, messaging becomes an increasingly viable option in providing customers an opportunity to inquire about a product, give feedback as well as drive sales.

2.      Voice Assistant Technology
SEO specialists have typically focused on how keywords influence driving attention towards a product on the internet based upon what people type into search engines when they are searching for that product. But how will this change with the emergence of voice activation technology? Amazon Alexa as well as Apple Homepod and Google Home are key examples of an increasing focus on voice activated technologies that are building upon the foundation Siri laid out in iPhones.

This will likely decrease the amount of time people spend researching best products on the Internet and likely lead customers to rely upon products that are the best reviewed or recommended as purchasing will become a more conversational experience. This will have significant ramifications for how businesses position their products and build brand awareness.

3.      Video Marketing
Video advertising has been around for a long time now, but with the advent of live streaming and easy access to technologies able to simply capture film, video marketing is changing both in the way that it addresses customers and the frequency in which it is produced. Messages are now required to become increasingly targeted and sales cycles are increasingly shrinking. The amount of attention a brand has on a customer is severely limited and so when you do grab a customer’s attention, it needs to be engaging.

Many brands are investing heavily in bolstering their image through using video marketing to provide information on their service and industry so as to better inform the customer. This helps to breed confidence in the brand and establish a trusted relationship with the customer before any sales have been made.

4.      Marketing Analytics
Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn and Google analytics in particular provide a cornucopia of analytics for digital marketers. Not only this, numerous platforms provide real time feedback and information on how your marketing campaigns are tracking with new platforms springing up each week.

It can be very easy to get caught up in the reams of data being provided for by these platforms yet identifying methods in which to interpret this data remains key. Firms need to identify how to best interpret and use data in order to provide insightful and creative solutions to drive further engagement with current and prospective customers and provide an overall better experience for potential customers.

5.      Augmented & Virtual Reality
The use of augmented and virtual reality has not yet hit mainstream adoption and is probably still a little while off uptake yet, the ramifications for this type of technology in the marketing space is monumental.

As advertising becomes more creative, brands may be able to use your location through social media applications in order to trigger holograms or augmented reality content that appears on your phone as you pass specific landmarks. Whilst this may seem far-fetched at the moment, as the technology matures and marketers become more savvy to it use, it could be a major way of driving brand awareness.

Keeping your eyes aware of these emergent technologies and putting plans in place to leverage their use so that your brand can continue to thrive in an altered landscape is of great importance. Dually however, it is important to identify platforms and technologies that are here to stay, and those that may simply be fads. Choose wisely!
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Jen Starr is part of the community team at Next Day PC. Jen enjoys staying on top of the latest tech trends and sharing how new tech can positively impact people’s lives.

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