Google Adwords is one of the popular ways by which businesses get their products and services exposed to the online community.
 Online publishers are benefiting from this great service by signing up for Google adsense to display these ads on their websites. Adsense is one of the best pay per click program on the internet. Publishers are not only being paid per click but are also paid per impression.

 I have written many tutorials on this blog on Adsense and  how to implement the Adsense ad code on some positions  to maximize earnings on a websites/blog. 

The web today is becoming mobile. With a mobile device + an internet connection, you can play games, send emails, make phone and video calls, chat, type a document, write a code among .Advertising companies are thus will benefit more if they can design  ads to be displayed on mobile devices.
 Early in April 2016, Facebook officially launched instant articles in which one of the features were the display of mobile ads. This tells us how it is important  to display mobile ads

Anchor Ads        Vs         Vignette  Ads
Google ads are well optimized to show on both mobile and desktop versions of a website especially responsive websites. Google says there is more work to do by which has result in Adsense for mobile.
As a way to help publishers increase their earnings, Google has introduced Page- Level Ads  for AdSense publishers. These ads will display only on mobile devices.  Two page-level ad types exist as of now namely: Vignette and Anchor/Overlay ads

 Vignette Ads
These are mobile ads will show at optimal times when a user is using a website displaying Google ads.  These ads will display on the entire screen of the mobile phones. The ads will maintain a good user experience based on the fact that they can easily be dismissed by the user and that they don’t show more often.

Anchor/overlay ads
These AdSense mobile ads format will display at the edge of the users screen. Since these ads are at the edge, user experience has been taken into consideration. The ads can also be dismissed by the user like the vignette ads.
This second type of page-level ad is  very similar to ad mob ads which usually display on the edge of mobile devices when we are using an app.    Ad mob is used by app developers to monetize their apps by allowing in app advertisements.

I believe the introduction of page level ads is keeping Google’s position as number one in the mobile ad space competition.  Publishers will greatly benefit by displaying these ads on their website which will eventually lead to an increase in revenue.  

It is time to get started with   ‘’Adsense for mobile’’. According Google more page-Level ad formats will be introduced in the future.
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