Social media marketing has grown extensively in this century. Businesses use social media like twitter, LinkedIn, pinterest, instagram, Google plus and Facebook to expose their brands or product. At the moment Facebook still remains the most popular social site with over a billion users.

While some users benefit from Facebook by keeping in touch with old friends, relatives as well as making new friends, businesses use the site to increase their profits through Facebook advertisement and other means such as pages, communities and groups.

Facebook has people of various age range and class who come together to post pictures, discuss interests and hobbies as well as do other things you can think of. This is why the population keep increasing every day, which stands today at over a billion.
Facebook marketing being the hottest trends today will greatly help in improving and promoting your website and your business. Offline businesses can as well bring customers to their shops with the use of a Facebook page.

Facebook marketing is very effective; this is the reason why Facebook is investing a lot of money for advertising in order to attract more people to join. Facebook invest millions in promoting the site through Microsoft-Yahoo Bing ad, Google ad words and more. This guarantees you of the potential   your business can have.

This marketing type is not very popular in Cameroon with its low online presence. However businesses like MTN Cameroon, Orange Cameroon and the guru of online shopping in Cameroon, (, Nexttel among others have are benefiting from social networking on Facebook. Facebook marketing is worth trying to you still thinking of how to get your brand exposed.

As mentioned earlier, there are several ways you can carry out Facebook marketing. Free methods like use of groups, and friend list are gradually losing popularity as you are not sure of how many people actually see you post. This is the case with Facebook communities with many restrictions. So you should consider trying the Facebook ad system.

The Facebook Ads system allows you and other business owners to advertise your products and services. You can promote your page to get likes which you will later covert to clients and increase your sales or you can promote your website and get traffic which of course can be converted to leads. There are other strategies of exposing your brand with the Facebook ad system. Lately shopify launch a campaign with a system that allows you to market your products on Facebook. We will see more about Facebook ads  in the days ahead.

Big names  Amazon(e-commerce), Guinness(brewery), the nextweb(blogging) and other companies are utilizing this media. Just another reason for you to think of marketing online with  Facebook marketing. Here, you will be able to increase the advertising potential for your company. Also, you will be able to reach out to more people as well as get a niche market for your products and services.

Facebook today is not the only social media that you can promote your product or services. You might have tried classified ads,forum promotion or other local ways which are not increasing your sales.
If this is the case for you then consider social media marketing. Get a pinterest board for your business,a twitter list or page for your business, a Google plus page for your business or a Facebook page for your business. It is only with this that you will be able to see how effective marketing is by using a social networking website. We welcome your business to the social world.
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