There are very   few  Online platforms which focus on  the Digitalization of  the  School System in Africa.

 The most common word today to any country looking to benefit from the evolution of technology is ‘’DIGITALIZATION’’. Cameroon, being of the top countries in the CEMAC zone and Africa, thus needs the process of digitalization to meet up with the digital world of today.

Cameroon is the home of many digital and IT/tech companies including big names like MTN Cameroon, Huawei, Active spaces, Aptech and more.

We all have witnessed the importance of MTN Mobile money and orange money in Cameroon, which have complete makes money digital to millions of Cameroonians. This is a big win to the Banking/Finance industry in Cameroon.

 Lately, Waspito came in to make health care faster through digitalization. The incorporation of digitalization is growing faster in Cameroon and Africa at large. 

There are many other industries in Cameroon that need to benefit from digitalization ranging from health, agriculture, education and more.

Today we will be introducing you to an innovation in the world of education called

 What is is a tech company that specializes in digitalizing the school system in Africa. It's an online platform designed for classroom management, student management, faculty management, attendance, result report, tracking finances, etc. 

The solution provided by this company through their online platform will go a long way to better education in Cameroon and Africa. It will help educational institutions to switch from the old fashion paper work which is usually time-consuming to the digital technology which is more accurate and time saving . Given the fact that it is an online platform, will permit others from far and near to have access to materials.

Meet Kyria Chendjou The Brain behind Innovschool : The school Digitalization Technology in Cameroon/Africa

Kyria Chendjou 
 (@kyria_chendjou) is the CEO of Innovschool, founder of Leaders Nation, personal development coach, and THE OFFICIAL SPONSOR OF MASTER MIND PRIVATE DINNER. 

After his studies in the United States, and with the passion to create an impact on his continent, he decided to come back to his home country, Cameroon where he started being one of his many companies. Chendjou says, "Life is short, and we are all here to fulfill a purpose". For this reason, he is on a mission to fulfilling his, one of which is to help people live to the fullness of their potential." To be a leader is to serve others". With this zeal to help young people attain their divine potential, Leaders Nation was born. 

Today, Leaders Nations is helping its members in many start-up businesses. As an artist, being a member of Leaders Nation, the organization will support and uphold you to fulfilling your dreams. 

This young leader has done so much since he got back to Cameroon.

He organizes so many personal development seminars and conferences. According to him, one of the richest places on the planet is the grave. There, you will find books that were never written, stories untold, and ideas never born. Why? Because they let fear, opinions, and judgments of others stop them. With this conviction, he is determined to call out the potential and greatness within the people he encounters. 

Chendjou believes in the power of sharing our stories, he says where you are now is where somebody is dreaming to be. 

At Master Mind Private Dinner, he will share some of his stories and challenges of the past that helped him become the man he is today. Also, you will find out how Innov. School is revamping and rejuvenating the educational system in Africa.

Leaders Nation is organizing its first festival known as the IMPACT FESTIVAL, which is aimed at bringing together entrepreneurs all over the national territory to share their knowledge. This will be an opportunity to get first-hand information about Innov. School and why not become part of the project.

Innov. School is one of the innovations in Cameroon and Africa as it stands to give another look at our educational system. Our educational system needs to make use of such a technological innovation to better the teaching-learning process. It is equally necessary in managing educational institution at all levels.

As, it is said ‘’ First Come, First Served ’’. Making use of such a technology keep you at the top position when it comes to education and digital technology.

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