When in the line of business, how you associate with your clients actively influences your performance in the business world. When dealing with customers over the phone, basic attributes like politeness, kindness, and a positive attitude go a long way. All these factors are important but how to offer them is where the problem comes in. In this article, you will get to learn some of the tips to consider while talking to customers on the phone.

1. Etiquette Begins Before You Pick Up the Phone

Most companies offering phone services to their customers tend to receive numerous calls throughout the day. Customers call to inquire about goods, services offered, prices, and working hours among other questions. To make this easier, you might have subscribed to automated greetings before you can attend to your clients.


To improve your company name and services, checking and updating your voice menu is necessary. For better business performance, the voice messages should be informative, brief, professional, and all in all, personalized. This ensures that showcase your brand well while creating a better connection between you and your clients.

2. Prepare Your Phone for Work Calls

With the COVID-19 outbreak, many businesses were forced to work from home, hence re-directing business calls to home cellphones has become a norm. Companies have come up with ways to connect business calls to personal phones at the comfort of your home. This made work easier for you but your role comes in when differentiating personal calls from business calls. Installing a caller ID on your phone makes it easier for you as it highlights whether the call is to your business number or personal number. With this information, you can receive business calls more appropriately hence great impressions to the clients.

3. Use Digital Tools

Offering the best telephone services can tend to be a bit hectic and adapting the available digital tools in the market can save you time and money. You can do this by subscribing to the best ccaas solutions in the market. With the best solutions, you can provide a better customer experience, actively engage with your clients, and offer channels for them to provide feedback on your services. With this information, you can improve on your services, hence improving productivity.

4. Take Notes During Important Calls

Part of being a good listener is flowing with what is being said and asking questions where necessary. While taking notes, you can accurately read out the client’s issue as you ask for confirmation ensuring that you understand each other better. This may not be important for all calls but is advisable for calls that are important and ones that may require follow-ups. If taking notes seems like too much work, worry less, as you can always ascribe to call recording for future purposes. This will be easier and less bulky but in so doing, you must first get the permission or notify your client before recording.

5. Improve Your Personalized Phone Scripts

When dealing with a client, you should be polite, confident, and kind regardless of whether it's face to face or over the phone. To simplify this most phone scripts are readily available but what most companies are not aware of is that their standard scripts and customer care employee phrases tend to trigger customers to hang up on them before getting served. To avoid this, try to design your script to be more professional, friendly, and straight to the point.

You can do this by asking relevant questions, stating the purpose of your call, confirming important details, and explaining follow-up plans to your clients. Avoid long conversations and inappropriate humor to save time and to portray the correct company picture.

6. The Customer Is Always Right

This is a phrase that is common in the business world. To provide the best services to your clients, you have to be very patient and kind no matter how unbearable they might seem. This is your responsibility and understanding that you are there because your clients help you serve them better. You are set to receive calls from all kinds of clients running from angry, annoyed to confused ones. This string of emotions might make your client steer away from the point and you have to firmly but politely guide them back through proper service etiquette.


With the tips above, you can equip your customer service employees with proper phone etiquette which improves your company’s brand hence boosting business performance.

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