Forbes indicates that an average person spends 90,000 hours working in a lifetime. In the contemporary business environment, you may find it challenging to set aside time to camp without sacrificing a considerable workload. Driven by the desire to attain your business goals, you may get burnout. At this point, you require an out of office environment to rejuvenate your mind. New environments enhance creativity and innovation, and as such, it is crucial to embrace camping. It becomes challenging to create time for camping if your schedule is tight. Luckily, you can feature in your camping adventure on a business trip. In the end, this saves on time and resources as you engage in camping and working concurrently.


Here are six strategies to go camping while on a business trip.

1. Plan the Whole Trip

Planning is a fundamental factor to make these activities a success. Here, you should incorporate the elements of budget and time. Besides, you should prepare your team for their roles and when to handle them during the trip. Set your priorities right as you do not want to compromise your work quality due to the camping exercise's distractions. Once your team understands their roles and balances these activities, you are set to go.

2. Pick the Best and Conducive Spots

You should pick the best places to visit, depending on your business trip destination. For instance, if your business trip is within California, you should consider glamping in California. You should research the best and conducive sites to give you the best in both the working and camping worlds. Ensure you carry necessary office supplies during the camping exercise. Ultimately, you will meet your business and camping goals.

3. Set Right and Reasonable Expectations

Ensure you set the right expectations to minimize worry and doubt as you go for your business and camping trip. If you are going on the trip alone, you should delegate some tasks to your employees or colleagues where necessary. For instance, you can prepare outlines for specific projects and set reasonable expectations to be met by the time you return. Also, you should encourage progress reports even when you are away. With these preparations, you can remain updated during the business and camping trip. Ultimately, you won't be doubtful, and as such, this will make your business trip and camping successful.

4. Remain as Connected as Possible

During the business and camping trip, you should embrace internet connectivity. Consider investing in internet gadgets that are suitable for camping. With this, you can run your business trip affairs as you camp. Therefore, you will remain updated on your business affairs.

5. Embrace Time Management Skills

One of the reasons for combining business and camping trips is due to lack of time. Therefore, your attention shouldn't lie entirely on one activity. You should learn to balance both camping and business to avoid consuming into other activities' time. Set your time right and stick to that plan. For instance, you should list the activities to engage in during your free time to help you enjoy the trip. Any time management indiscipline will result in procrastination of your camping or business trip activities, leading to the combined trip's failure.

6. Set Your Trip Goals

Business trips give you opportunities to clear your mind and offer the best. Therefore, you should establish your ultimate goals to enhance your focus amid the camping exercise. For instance, you may want to tackle a project that has been bothering you. Also, you may consider brainstorming ideas to input in your business to enhance its growth. Given the refreshing camping environment, you will increase your creativity towards your primary focus. Thus, your goals will be your driving force towards enjoying the business trip alongside camping.


Business camping trips can be satisfying as they give you a glimpse of the outside world. However, if you lack the right preparation strategies, you may find it tedious and boring. There is a need to open up your mind through new adventures to enhance your creativity and innovation skills. Therefore, you should embrace various strategies, including proper planning of the combined trip, picking the best and conducive spots, and prioritizing connectivity. You should also set your trip goals, embrace time management skills, and set right and reasonable expectations. With these strategies, you can be sure to enjoy camping during your business trip.

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