Savvy marketers understand the need to respond to the rapidly changing global health pandemic brought about by COVID-19. While the direction of your current marketing campaign may be forced to shift, here are five new marketing techniques to use during this challenging time to continue to grow your business.


Now more than ever before, it is vital that you listen to the needs of your customers. Having a pulse on what your target market is feeling during these anxious times will help you to be sensitive to their needs and plan your marketing strategy accordingly. You can do this by leveraging your social media accounts to solicit feedback and to get your finger on the pulse of what your customers are thinking so that you can adjust your strategy. If your business model uses sales managers to generate leads, their input in what they are hearing from current and potential clients will become invaluable during this time of uncertainty. Once you have gathered information, it is crucial that you relay to your customers that you hear their concerns and are acting on this feedback.

Boost Your Online Presence

There has been a no more important time to have a strong online presence than now. If you have not invested in your online sales and services before now, you need to quickly bring this element of your marketing strategy up to speed. This will look different based on the needs and goals of your specific company. For some, it may be providing a more engaging social media platform. For other businesses, it may be that you need to move your brick and mortar sales to an online platform in order to generate sales and leads. Regardless of what service or product that your company provides, you cannot ignore the online component, especially during a time when more people are relying on the internet to gather information.

Leverage Direct Mail Opportunities

With everyone staying close to home, this is the perfect opportunity to leverage your direct mail campaigns to reach more people. Looking to the possibility of mail retargeting will open up new avenues of promotion and help you to cast a wider net to target new customers. Using technology to connect digital behavior and pair it with personalized direct mail will help you to deliver a more targeted experience. With the right message, you can convert potential customers to paying regulars for your business even during this health crisis.

Secure Media Early

With so many businesses rushing to change the direction of their marketing campaigns, the prime media spots are being snatched up in a hurry. You can position yourself as a leader if you get ahead of the competition to secure the best media spots early. This will be especially important as the election inches closer and the most coveted ad spots are bought by political campaigns. In order to get your message out, it will be important to work with your media planners to secure the best advertising spots. Do not let your competitors book all of the best media placement spots while you are still working on re-focusing your content. Now is not the time to take a passive approach to your media placement.

Make Your Content Relevant

With ample free time on their hands, many people will be spending more time online for both entertainment purposes and in an effort to gather information. You can draw people to your website by proving yourself as an expert in your field and by providing relevant web content. Ideas to consider include launching a blog, providing practical advice for people looking to navigate this crisis, and putting an emphasis on the user experience so that people continue to come back in the future. The goal of your content should be to position yourself to be ready to capitalize when normal business resumes by continuing to build your base during this time.

While it may be challenging to abruptly change your marketing focus, making the right changes now can pay off big dividends for your bottom line both now and down the road. Grow your business even more during this crisis by leveraging these five tips.
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