Read till end please let this inspire you and motivate youπŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½...

*Being an entrepreneur or boss lady whatever you call it, ain't something easy, it demands a lot of sacrifices and positivity. There are times you loose it and think of  giving up but when you think of the work and sacrifices you have  put into your business, you ask yourself if you can do it.

*True that some people are lucky and blessed to be given all they want to start a business, so they wouldn't know what means working to save to own and run your own business someday.

*There are times you just think there is a curse or ill luck surrounding you  and your business, problems will pop up from left and right, up and down that you won't even know its origin.

*Sometimes you feel like abandoning and investing on  travelling out of the for greener pastures etc...

Let me tell you something if you aren't ready to fall and  try to rise up severally without giving up, then entrepreneurship ain't for you.

If you dont have a strong will power and a winners mindset,then entrepreneurship ain't for you.
If you ain't ready to risk a lot of energy both financially and morally and try to rebuild yourself,then entrepreneurship ain't for you either.

Being an Entrepreneur is a full time job that invades you and your life.

There are times I think of quitting but I talk to myself... "Nadine you have a goal,you have an achievement, you can't quit now, you were born for this... go for it and keep on forging whilst keeping the smileπŸ™‚..."
Sometimes cry in my little corner(it helps a lot)I   try to correct the errors and try to see where I went wrong, then I'll just pick up my little pieces and continue my work whilst believing in God to do the magic.
To all  my strong ladies out there I hail youπŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½
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