According to some reports, 70% of unhappy customers are willing to shop with a business again if customer service helps them resolve their issue. Moreover, businesses in almost every industry now compete through the level of customer service they offer. With that said, it's obvious that if you want to succeed, your business needs to offer quality customer service. If you think you should improve your customer service, here are five proven ways to do so.

Reward best customer service representatives

There's no doubt that one of the most important aspects of offering quality customer service is being polite. If your customer service team uses a rude tone or doesn't answer the phone when your company is open for business, chances are, the customer will never come back again. And rewarding your staff members is one of the most effective ways to motivate them to work hard. Identify the best customer service representative at the end of each month and give them something they'll be happy out. Whether it's a bonus or day off, everyone in your team will work hard in order to get it.

Commit from the top

Customer service is one of the aspects of running a business that starts internally. If you bring in a new customer service team, you can’t expect them to know exactly what your brand is about and how to represent it. The best way to help them reflect your brand is to engage in it yourself. This includes coming up objectives for your customer service team, coming up with new channels your company can offer customer service through and even take a few calls every now and then. Some of the biggest names in the business world such as Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos are known for answering customers directly.

Get feedback

Even if you pay attention to every customer issue, you can never be aware of what aspect of your product or service the customer would like to see changed. And the best possible way to learn the good, the bad, and the ugly experience your customers end up having is to ask them to give your feedback. However, most people simply don’t have time to enter your website and leave you feedback. This is why you should look to explore other ways to give them opportunity to tell you what they think about your product, service and customer service team. For instance, you can effectively get customer feedback through a customer SMS feedback system.

Help your customer service team improve

Your customer service representatives play a huge role in how many customers will come back and buy your product or service again. This means that ensuring they have the right skills is the key to offering top-notch customer service. You’d be happy to hear that there are plenty of ways to help your customer service team improve. For instance, you can have your employees take a customer service online and learn all the tips and tricks they might find useful. Notifying them about any changes in your product or service also helps solve your customers’ problems. Last but not least, ensure your customer service representative stay connected and the overall quality of your customer service will increase.

Go the extra mile

If you really want your customers to come back, you have to show them that you care. Going that extra mile for a customer can change an ordinary or even unpleasant experience into memorable one. In other words, instead of just empathizing with your customers, make certain your customer service representatives really try to do everything they can to solve every customer’s problem and out a smile on their face. Accept returns even when you don’t have to. Also, offer discounts to dissatisfied customers and they’ll have a reason to return and experience what your business is all about for real.

Customer service is probably the only way to communicate with your customers directly. Take into consideration that the direct communication with your team is the most likely thing customers will remember about your business. Follow the five ways covered in this post and there’s no doubt you’ll see the level of your customer service improve.

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