Zoho is one the websites that has help me a lot in getting a better understanding of what marketing online is all about by providing me with some tools that i use to practice. This review is based on my personaly experience with Zoho.

In one of my post, i mentioned that a Gmail account is one of the requirements for you to get ready for if you want to do business online. In this post, we are going to discover a  must have account  which will give you access to marketing tools most of which you can get started for free.

What is ZOHO?
Zoho Corporation is a tech company  that was founded in 1996 . ZOho provide cloud software and SaaS Applications for businesses to manage their activities 100% online.

Zoho is equally an  award-winning cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution  and other online applications needed for a business to succeed  on the internet. 

Zoho had been mentioned on several media and rated as top apps on various rating platforms. 

Zoho is used by top brands on the internet including; Amazon,Facebook,NETFLIX,Discovery,Columbia University, AIR CANADA a and more.

The Zoho office suit is a web based suite for companies , soloprenuers, start ups and others that can help you run your business on the internet. 

Zoho suit contain several applications . Some of the applications contain invoicing software,word processing software,data base,customer relationship,project development,project management,collaboration software,community management software,spread sheet,presentations just to name but few. 

Zoho operate offices in Geramany,USA, France,Italy,India,China,Singapore,Spain and Netherlands at the moment this post is being updated. However the services can be used anywhere in the world so far as you have access to the internet.

We will discover more about Zoho services,zoho tools, zoho software , Zoho products pricing, and the hot offers  in this post.

                                   Who can Use Zoho SUITE?
Zoho can be used by anyone including my grand ma. There are tools available for both individuals and businesses. The truth is that there re excellent tools and are easy to use. Start ups,solopreneurs,Bloggers, Online Marketers,Network Marketers, Cooperation,  and other  organization can take advantage of ZOHO.COM Tools

 What Does it Cost to Make Use of ZOHO ?

What got me interested in ZOHO is the fact they they offer a free version for most of their services. Thus giving you a chance to grow with them. If you feel you have  grown significantly, then you can proceed as a premium client by paying for their service at a very low cost still. Almost free.
An example is the email marketing service(Zoho Campaign) which permits you you to grow your subscribers to 2000 for free.

To have access to the over 40 productivity tools by Zoho, you simply need a
 single account which can be created for free.
                                   SIGN UP FOR A ZOHO  ACCOUNT HERE

                 Apps and Features in the Zoho Suite

Zoho offers more than 40 productivity tools to equipped you for the competitive web.
ZOHO Apps can be grouped into 5 Major categories ,

 I.Sales and Marketing       

Sales and marketing is the most important aspect in any business. Closing up bunsiness deals in a short time is good for any organization in which profit making is a priority. The Zoho suit offers over 10+ applications that help you increase your sales. Some of the tools include:

1. The zoho customer relationship management (CRM) software :  This is the most popular tool in the Zoho sales andd marketing online suite with a free vesrion. the CRM software can be access online and can be used to reach out to clients through emails,telephone,social media,live chat and more.what make the CRM more interesting is thta they make us of artificial intelligence called ZIA Its better to see for your self. There is a free plan, You can get access and use for free.

2. ZOHO Campaigns: The Email marketing software which  you can use to create emails, send emails and track them . It is very easy to use and equally have a free plan with up to 2000 subscribers. They paid plans comes with monthly option. yearly option, email option and pay as you go.

3.Back stage: This is the Zoho Event managemnet software. This very useful for event planners .
4.Zoho forms for creating online forms  to receive emails

5. Zoho Sign, an online tool to sign documents

6. ZOHO Social: another interesting online tool that permit you to manage your social media accounts, schedule social media post, monitor keywords and interact with your team on social media.

7.ZOHO SALESIQ is a zoho sales and marketing app that can permit you to intergrate a live chat on your website.

8.Zoho SURVEY equally help you to carry out online survey and track them in a single place.

9. Zoho sites is a sales and marketing service that cab help businesses start a website without a knowledge in coding or SEO. The website package is unique as it comes with marketing tools integrated on the website such as: SSL hosting,CRM forms,automatic site maps,sales iq integrated,news letter subscription,message bar,social network auto publishing,post scheduler, audio player, comment box and more to help you get the best from your website.

10. ZOHO Sales Inbox  , a tool which helps you to turn unopened emails into sales by using the  Email client.
   Other sales and marketing tools include the contact manager,ZOHO motivators, Zoho pagesense and more. To have access to this services, create an account, login and click on the sale and marketing section to access all the apps.

             II.  Email & Collaboration Tools 

The email and collaboration tools help you to communicate with your clients and workers . some of the tools include:
1. ZOHO Mail: This was my first service to use on zoho.com. I was able to create my professional email here.  It is always advisable to host you emails and website on different servers to stay safe and Zoho just help me to achieve that. You can create emails with your domain name with ZOHO mail or simple  use the @zohomail extension for free. The email features are excellent and ad free.

2. ZOHO CONNECT ; A collaboration tools that helps bring people in your organization and those who share interest in your organization together through an intranet powered by Zoho.It is an excellent tool that makes communication faster and collaboration  better.

3. ZOHO VAULT an online password management tool that can be used to store passwords for team or personal use.

4. ZOHO PROJECTS: An online management software that helps you plan projects, get insights with gant charts and collaborate seamlessly with  clients and team .

5. Zoho meeting is a web conferencing solution provided by zoho.com. It can be used to host interactive webinars and web conference with reports,recording options,replay options and more.

6. Zoho docs is an online file manger that permits you to create documents and group them  into folders. You can import and export files ranging from images, word documents,pdf and more.

7. Zoho Notebook is a free note taking app available on android and iOS. It supports text, audio,video,pictures,files , check list and others great futures. This is a perfect alternative to ever note. The tool is 100% free. You can Try it here 

 8. Zoho Sheet permits members in a tem to create aand share spread sheets. No need to do with excell before uploading. you just need to create and share.It is equally available for free.

9.Zoho Show time enable you to create presentations and share on the internet.They can equally be donwloaded . You can create slides,infographics and other inspirational ideas with Zoho Show.

10. ZOHO BUGTRACKER helps software developers to track and fix bugs while focusing on the development.
    Other email and collaboration tools  such as  zoho sprint, zoho writer, zoho cliq and more can be discovered on  zoho website.

 III. Finance                                                            

Accounting in business is vital for the survival of the business. With  Zoho Finance app, you can solve the challenges in business accounting by making use of the apps. The Top Apps that business can use to manage their finances include;

1. ZOHO Invoice: This app help you to create invoices , get paid online and send reminders to clients  just in one place. The service is equipped with statistics and other functionalities. This tool had been a time saver to me ass i can easily send bills to my clients and track the records . It is equally a perfect tool for freelancers. You can easily automate work flow with this tool.

2. ZOHO Subscription is another great finance app from ZOHO cooperation. This app allow you to enable clients to subscribe to a service . Billing is automated by the zoho Subsription software. This helps you to get payments on time without stress.It enhances business analytics and billing aitomation. It equally comes witha develeoper API which can be integrated with the app. You can get paid by credit card or paypal using this tool.

3. ZOHO Checkouts  allow you to create payment pages without a knowledge in coding. You can configure  so that customer pay ine time or recurring payments, eneter collection amount or let you customers decide,  easy templates for your payment page equally available.
Gateways such as stripe,paypal, razorpay, paypal pay flow,forte,word pay, Authorize.net and more. It can equally work with zoho apps such as campaigns,zoho books and zoho cliq.

4. ZOHO EXPENSES: Zoho expense is an excellent way to automate reporting for businesses. This tool heklps you to control your expenditure and understand where your money is going. This is vital for the efficiency of your business.

ZOHO expenses on mobile

5. ZOHO BOOKS another cool app of Zoho . It is an online accounting software that permits business to stay on top of their cash flow . You can manage your contacts,items/services, purchase , sales and even link different accountants into your books. The software is equipped with excellent reporting which make it easy to monitor your business. With Zoho books , business get paid faster, track inventory,collaborate with clients, automate the banking process,track expenses through  the various reporting tools.

6. ZOHO INVENTORY is a tool that help businesses to manage stocks and orders.  This helps to increase sales. Businesses can track items in their inventory by making use of this sofftware

IV IT & Help Desk
The IT  and Help department is a very important in every organisation in today world. With ZOHO IT and help desk apps, you can engage with your customers in a better way leading to increase in sales.

1. ZOHO ASSIST is an online tool  that helps you to provide remote support.  With this software,you can manage  work on the computer of your clients remotely on demand, transfer files to clients. No need to download and install a software to manage client computer.
reboot and reconnect on clients computer, two way screen sharing,work with multiple monitors,schedule sessions, instant messaging , secured and more.

2. ZOHO  Service Desk plus is a powerful SaaS service desk software that can help businesses to track and manage IT tickets efficiently. This  will lead to faster resolution of problems and consequently an excellent client satisfaction. Everything is handled in the clouds powered by ZOHO.

3. ZOHO site24x7  is a performance monitoring solution for businesses. With this tool, you can monitor websites, servers, clouds, network, Apps and users. This is all done in a single place; ZOHO24x7. The  tool is worth trying as the prices are highly competitive.

4. Zoho Mobile management is another great tool that help you to set up, supervise and secure the mobile devices and apps of organisations.

5. Zoho Desk is a core IT and help Desk Took of zoho.com. This tol helps businesses to stay on the loop br providing cloud based customer service to businesses.

V.  Human Resources                                               

The Human Resource Department is one of the departments that most entrepreneurs don't take it serious. Some businesses minimize expenditure by completely ignoring this department. Thanks to ZOHO, you can make use of cloud base solution by  creating a zoho.com account. Let us have a look at the two main human resource  Zoho App;

1.Zoho Recruit is an Online  Recruiting software that  helps you to find the best talents for your business,track resumes and carry out interviews in an efficient  manner. It is an excellent for staffing agencies and cooperate HRs. The software is easy to use,can automate the recruitment process  and equipped with a great analytics . This is the perfect software to track the applicant . The software can be used to manage work flow and enhance multi channel communication.

2.Zoho people is Human Resource Management Software that works in the clouds. Zoho People come with feature such as ; document management, e-signatures,leave management,case management,HR Automation,for customization,shift scheduling,time tracker,employee data base management,performance management,expense management,advanced analytics and more.

VI. CUSTOM SOLUTIONS                                            

Zoho offers custom solutions to business that can make team work easier and efficient. Let us go through the major zoho Custom solution Software.

1. ZOHO CREATOR permits you to create and run apps for your business with full automation powered by zoho. You can create your own apps or used pre-designed apps by the zoho creator team.
Digital branding is very important and this can be enhanced through the use of the right tools. Zoho creator has more than 50 ready made business. Some of apps such as sales and management apps,logistic apps, education management apps,recruitment tracker had been designed for you to meet you custom need.

2. ZOHO FLOW is another interesting and exciting Custom solution that cab be used to automate work flows. You can connect Zoho Flow with key applications such as such as Mailer rite,Goto Meeting,LinkedIn,Gmail, Slack,Google Drive and more.

It is an excellent time saver.You can integrate your apps with no knowledge in coding,streamline  work flows,solve integration complications with Deluge,monitor work flow,collaborate with your team and more.

 3.ZOHO OFFICE INTEGRATOR is a cloud base based solution provided by zoho.com. The online software allows integration with document editors, sheets and other third party web based software.

4. ZOHO ANALYTICS is one the latest products of Zoho . It is a business Intelligence,Reporting and  data analytic software.

With zoho analytics, you can connect your data from any source such as drop box,google drive,import from excel, import MY SQL data,import from zoho campaigns and more.This is a cloud solution to watch .

This mean with zoho analytics, you can get data from simple files to web feeds, import from any data base, cloud storage and any other online or offline application.This might be your first time to discover such an excellent tool. Its worth trying.

 With Zoho analytics you can analyse your data  by making use of the variety of visualization tools such as charts,widgets,pivot tables and more.

With ZOho Analytics comes with deep Analytic benefit which permits you to drive key metrics, uncover hidden insights and carry oit in-depth analytics.

Zoho analytics makes sharing and collaboration easy among others.

We have gone through the major apps provided by this SaaS company ZOHO. we hope you did have a great time on the long post. But wait, we are not done yet. Have you heard of Zoho One?


Zoho one is a solution by zoho that permits you to access over 40 business applications for your business. It helps connect multiple apps  to enable the different teams of your organzaition work togteher.

      What are the Benefits of using Zoho One?

  • An entire suite of pre-coordinated business applications at a reasonable prices 
  • From employing to promoting, an item for your each need 
  • Your own one of a kind expert email address for each worker and the capacity to customize your inbox to suit your prerequisite 
  • Effectively impart and team up with the individuals from your organization 
  • Convert your prompts clients by consistently captivating them 
  • Plan and procedures your email battles and web-based social networking posts 
  • Never commit an error with finance again. You have an application only intended for that 
  • Deal with all your client installments through a simple to-utilize entry 
  • Make venture entrances and proficiently organize all main jobs

The same way your computer needs an operating system to function, Your business need the ZOHO suit to move to  another level. This  is the reason zoho is referred to as ''The Operating System for Businesses''.If you don't have an account you can get one here.  I will keep you updated on more products from zoho. Stay tuned
What are your thought?

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