Good content communicates immediately. It tells you what you want to know, without distractions. A writing mistake is a distraction that decimates the value of your message—it throws the reader into a critical perspective and undercuts any credibility you had. When that happens, any cost or effort you put into producing your content goes to waste.

How can you overcome the threat of content mistakes? Proofreading!

It’s an old adage that every writer needs a second set of eyes to ensure the accuracy of their work, and that idea remains true to this day. Proofreading can eliminate several valid concerns:

·         Typos, simple spelling errors
·         Punctuation, the difference between “Let’s eat grandma!” and “Let’s eat, grandma!”
·         Logic, the reasonable flow of one idea to another
·         Precision, phrasing that correctly expresses the actual intent

A mistake in any of these categories can turn your friendly viewers into antagonistic critics, but including proofreading in your content strategy will allow you to easily protect your effort. An all-online, on-demand English Proofreading platform can turn around your written material in 30 min/page, on average, for just pennies on the dollar compared to traditional editing companies.

Let’s talk a little more about identifying the right platform to empower your content creation process…

The rise of online marketplaces has made it easier to obtain all manner of creative and technical services, useful in many fields of business, academia, and beyond. Of course, this also applies for content production whether for marketing or simple blogging. As these marketplaces have grown and people have become aware of the ability to meet production needs with online solutions, more specialized options have also appeared to meet growing demand. One such field of specialization is in fact the proofreading market. Platforms now exist that offer tools tailored for writing services, gathering the profiles of capable editors in one place and displaying the reviews of other clients directly so that a social reputation model can be used to provide you with confidence and peace of mind when choosing a service provider.

Moreover, these specified platforms allow you to type in your text directly or upload a number of file types. Editors can then access your material privately (once you’ve selected someone to work with) and make adjustments directly that you can either observe in real time or receive via the original file type you submitted. This represents a significant improvement in speed compared to traditional services or even online options that rely on games of “email tag” for proposals and work progress. For you, this means you can get your results as quickly as you need them and make your deadlines without breaking a sweat.

One advantage of “old fashioned” proofreading—working with an editor you know in person as a local contact—was the ability to simply call that person up if further adjustments or clarifications were needed after content was returned. No need to worry about transparency with online solutions, though, as this same personal kind of service can be provided by choosing a platform that offers you direct communication with your editor. With real-time chatting that gives you a direct channel for communication whenever you need, you can rest assured that your content will be given the attention it deserves until it expresses the message you intend by easily keeping in touch with your editor to get answers to even the smallest questions. There’s no need to consider online solutions a mystery, as long as you choose a platform that is dedicated to quality and transparency.

How can you tell which platforms are offering fair solutions? The most direct way is simply to contact them. All services make their contact information readily available for the purpose of accepting service requests, but you don’t need to propose a job in order to start connecting. If a platform is run by sincere staff, you can simply ask a question about how the service process takes place, and you will be able to gauge transparency easily by the nature of the response. Are they polite and well-spoken, responding to your questions comfortably? Don’t be afraid to apply the same standards you would use when assessing service from a physical store in person. If they are all about your credit card number, you’re talking to the wrong group. Send brief contact messages until you find a platform run by people willing to meet your questions with transparent answers and a helpful spirit of service. They do exist! And, you’ll be happier working in partnership with sincere service providers, since the editing relationship is one that involves reciprocal communication. If you get a doubtful feeling from just your first contact, rapport is unlikely to improve when you need to address conflicting or ambiguous textual details.

For a positive, efficient proofreading services process, you need a platform peopled by service providers with a commitment to quality, which is closely tied to transparency. You can also identify the right platform by observing how much information is available on their front page, without the need for scouring small text or buried subpages. Do they give you a clear view of who you’ll be working with? Is the pricing rate provided up front or obscured by a “private quote” process? Will you have contact with your editor directly?

Once you’ve found the right platform to work with, these concerns will be a thing of the past, and you can simply have your content reviewed and verified in a snap by editors you trust, putting the borderless efficiency of the internet and online marketplaces to work for you.

Rise above the risk of basic mistakes to make sure your content strategy is a success—find the proofreading platform for you, now!

Author Bio: Studied policy and foreign affairs in the United States. Writing in English was very difficult at that time, so founded Ediket. Ediket is my first workplace, so I have no previous professional career to list, but I tried many fun challenges such as being elected as a student senator at My US University. Believe in keeping yourself open so you can experience a range of things according to your own approach.

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