Whatsapp , the most popular messaging app yesterday 3th of  May, 2017 went down leaving millions of users world ide frustrated and confused. .I just thought it was the usual connection problems in Cameroon.

In checking my updates on twitter and facebook, i noticed similar complaints from people using whats app personally and for business loss cash yesterday. According to the Down detector, the areas affected by the  whatsapp malfunction include Africa,Europe,USA,South America. Down detector had reported login problems on the 25th of April 2017 as well as complains of not Sending and receiving messages on the 26th of April. May 3rd  is the day of '' No WhastApp connection'' with reports coming fom all continents in the world. It  just lasted for some hours and many did not notice it because there we asleep.
During this period of breakdown, messages ,videos and images could not be transmitted ass indicated by the ''Red'' dot on whhatsapp when message sending fail. Many people who rely on texting and calling on whatsapp found it difficult equally to experience   their usual time .
whatsapp goes down and people have no connection 2017
Whatsapp outage map. Source:downdetector.com

  Why was Whatsapp Down?
No official statement had been made as to why the app went down last night(Central Africa tome). However reports shows that the spoke person of the company indicated there are aware of the outage . As of now, it is said, the app went down as a result of malfunction. Not hacking as many claimed on social media.

The shut down came at the moment , users are expecting the new whatsapp  features announced  earlier in January  2017 such as, Desktop version, unsending messages that are boring,  and more. Given that Southern Cameroonians are just from experiencing internet connectivity  after three months, many rumoured its another ban by the Cameroon government. Ok, guys no need to panic.  The beak down is a world wide thing. The breakdown had been reported by top news websites like the Mirror and the Independent UK, which is just a reason for you to clam down and take a deep breadth.

 Whatsapp users could be seen tweeting and posting updates on tweeter and facebook about the shut down. since the service if free of charge all we could get were comments and criticisms. Businesses  must have loss thousands of dollars dues to the break down.  But it is nit a good sign to the facebook owned app. This outage  will  force Many people seek for alternative apps to do business as there are aware something like this  might repeat itself ,

The outage gives reason for some countries and other messaging app developers to look at alternatives. For example in Dubai, the call function is not working. The outage thus will not affect anyone calling as no one in this country depends on it. Diversifying how you use  app can help reduce the heart breaks we get  when the app fail us.

It is important to note that this is the second major outage following New year Eve 2015 outage.
 Whatsapp does not keep its users updated when there is a fault in the app despite their presence on other social media like twitter with millions of followers. It is thus time to see whats app competitors like telegram and wechat to see an increase in the number of users.
 This morning that i got up and discover everything was working well. The green button ws pressed finally. WhatsApp is back !!
Is whatsApp still the best messaging app in your opinion?        
How was it without whstapp?
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