Getting a US or UK number is something that every online marketer or business man must have thought of.  With the advancement in technology, you can  get a roaming sim card which can be used anywhere in the world . 

                     Below are some steps to get one in Cameroon
1. Get a credit card
2. visit any roaming website such as world, one sim , knowroaming.
3. order a sim card and wait for it to be delivered.
   Simple right?
Hum, but sometimes the product might not arrive to you given  most Cameroonians don't have postal addresses.  If you are faced with such a difficulties.
Inbox us at to get one from our partners.   We will help you with the activation and set up which is very easy to go about. 

                             But why will you need a foreign Number?
It does not sound right when someone needs a foreign number . However, it is very necessary in some cases. Here are some reasons  to get an international Sim card or phone number.
*You can decide to have a US or any other foreign number to use on whatsapp, social media so as to protect your phone number from hackers or just to keep your mobile phone number private.
* Calling US-US is really cheap . Getting a US number from a Voip service or international sim card provider makes you enjoy these cheap rates. This helps you to keep in touch with your  family, friends,business partners   and others.
* You can equally get a US phone number to save your love one from too much expenditure when they want to call you.
* You can get a Us Number to activate whatsapp. This is very useful if you join too many groups on whatsapp.
* Given the fact that most Cameroon telecom companies provide roaming services in some countries around the world, you can get a foreign number or a roaming Sim card to solve this problem.
* International Sim cards can be used any where in the world compared to  Sim cards from our local networks. 

Thanks for reading. This post is to create an awareness on international roaming services in Cameroon and why  people use international numbers. It is not just for negative reasons as many thing. Using an international Sim card can save cost, secure you from hackers and maintain a high level of privacy on the web.
what is your best roaming sim?
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