On an average almost 90% of businesses have developing apps as one of the key expansion targets to broaden the profit margin as well the reach of their individual businesses. The growing reach of mobiles have ensured that access point for any business is no longer limited to physical outlets and they have easily transcended to a point where the things that you need is just click away on your mobiles. This therefore led to
·         51% growth in mobile traffic the world over
       The total mobile users globally is close to 4.5 billion
·         Facebook’s total active users globally are close to 2 billion on a monthly basis that makes it nearly 55% of the total active mobile users.

This no doubt resulted in a massive app outburst. There are nearly 350,000 applications which were developed in a span of just 36 months. Not only does it indicate the top trend at the moment but also the sharp increase it translates for profit margins in any kind of business be it the food ones or even the travel business or multiple product sites like Alibaba or Amazon which is nothing but a huge conglomeration of a large number of buyers and sellers under one platform. 

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A close look at the unique realtime market data and sale statistics collated by coupon machine indicates that this growth is pretty much universal and transcends business genres, geographical locations and even the cultural divide globally. People from all walks of life, society and countries have come to realize the benefits and brilliance of the apps and the benefits it brings to them on a regular basis.

After shifting the app mode Starbucks realized
·         2 orders on their mobile order and pay application every second
·         On an hourly basis they get over 8000 orders on the same app
·         On any given day they clock well over 197,000 orders
              In a month the total orders clocked on this app is a whopping 6 million
·         Starbucks now has over 17 million active mobile app users
·         Its weekly revenue generated through the app is around 8 million, nearly 20% of what it makes from transaction across all its US stores

The inroads that mobiles have made in the social networking platforms also have played a crucial role in taking forwards the rising business opportunities for even those who still don’t have an app. 

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