It is very difficult for entrepreneurs in Cameroon to be creative and produce innovative goods especially with the conception that Cameroonians do not consume Cameroonian products. So everyone is trying to simply copy what is selling abroad or brand locally produced goods as produced in Italy, China, USA etc. Cameroonians heavily rely on the government for jobs; for the country to grow and make positive change (even politically), the private sector (especially the SMEs) have to step up, create relevant products, create jobs and make meaningful contributions to nation building. These cannot happen when Cameroonians shy away from consuming products and services that are made in Cameroon.

When a Cameroonian film maker uses a local dress maker to produce the dresses that are used in making a film; the dress maker will be able to employ more Cameroonians to get the job done. The movie will be watched by the dress maker and his friends/family. If the movie is a good movie, it will be recommended to other friends and family members and sooner or later one sector in the economy is rubbing the back of another sector and the sum event is the GROWTH of the economy by the people of the economy. This is the concept of PROUDLY CAMEROONIAN.

I am a proud Cameroonian because I consume products and services made in Cameroon. Are you a proud Cameroonian? If you are, be proud of using the PROUDLY CAMEROONIAN tick to identify yourself.

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