Hello to all , we are getting to  end of  the 2015. Cameroon internet users are greatly increasing. While the internet users are increasing, it is important to know which websites made the hit in 2015.   We are talking here about the top websites in Cameroon .We  did the classification in two parts  as follows.

A. General classification

In our general classification, the following websites occupied, the top ten positions in Cameroon.
 1. Cameroononline.org
A news blog in Cameroon. You can visit the website for latest happenings in Cameroon,sport and technology. The website is well noted for great members which makes  dialogue great.This is one of the blogs Cameroonians bloggers should check out .
2. friendshupofcameroon.org
friendshipofcameroon.org is a  a news ,volunteer and project website in Cameroon.
3. ransbiz.com
A  tech blog that  brings to you tips on making money online, affiliate marketing,entrepreneurship , free internet among others.
4. blccarchives.org
A website about Bakweri land.  You can also obtaing inportant documents about Bakweri people on this website.
5.   msitsolutions.net
 MS IT solutions solutions is a website managed by a team of IT experts . This website offers web designing services, email marketing services , web hosting among others.
6. britishcouncil.cm
britishcouncil.cm is a website that connects Cameroonian with people around the world.  
7. explore-africa.co.uk
A website  for travel tips  and tourism  in Cameroon.
8.  fonlon.org
fonlon.org is a website created in honor of Dr Benard Fonlon a  cameroonina icon.
9. tffcam.org
tffcam.org   is a website aimed at promoting democracy,tradition and human rights in Cameroon.
10.  Lebialem.info
Lebialem.info is a cultural website created to promote the culture of the Bangwa people. You can find historic pictures about the Bangwa land on this iste among others.
    These are  the top ten website in Cameroon  for the year 2015 .  which website is left out? share your thoughts. 

 B.               .cm domains
 We went further to classify  ten most popular website in Cameroon using the .cm extension. Here is what we have for you:
 1. jumia.cm     
 Jumia.cm is an e-commerce website in Cameroon that offer pay on delivery services.
Read more about JUMIA HERE
 2. cdiscount.cm 
Another e-commerce  for electronics,and fashion.
 3. everjobs.cm,
This is a job listing webiste in Cameroon
 4. afribaba.cm
Afriaba.cm is a classified ad site. Posting is free and users can opt in in for premium services.
5. vendito.cm,
This is one f the fastest growing classified  ads sites in Cameroon. The site has extend its categories of listing   over the past months, the reason for the increase in traffic to the site.
6. kaymu.cm
Kaymu.cm is one of the top e-commerce websites in  Cameroon 
 It is very easy for sellers to sell products  on this site.
7. lamudi.cm,
Lamudi.cm is a real estate site in Cameroon. you can buys, sell or  rent a house on lamudi.
8. carmudi.cm,
Carmudi is you auto listing site in Cameroon.It is  a classified ad site  focused on auto products. Buy or sell a car on lamudi.
9. emploi.cm
 This website is very similar to everjobs.cm. The primary language is French.
10. nexttel.cm
On the tenth position is nexxtel.cm a telecom website .

     some sites with high traffic have not been listed on our lists.   Our classification is not based only on traffic Only. We take into consideration , the traffic decrease over the past months,bounce rate, the innovations and  the impact the site  has created through out this year on Cameroonians.  which website should be added to the list? share with us .
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