Recently, microsoft updated the email features to give another look for  the free microsoft email users. Eventhough many things still look the same, it is important to know what is new or had been modified.
1. Ad on Right side bar.
In the previous version, there were no ads on the side bar. With the new version, ads are being displayed on the right side bar. Users now have the possibility to use either  ad free outlook(premium about 20 dollars per year) or out look with ad(free). This is a very similar feature on Yahoo Mail.
2. The Setting tabs clearly displayed on the right with sub-settings displayed on a drop down menu. You can also use the suggestion box to send feed back, by clicking the question sign(?) before your profile picture (after settings)
3. No  Facebook contacts for conversion.
Event though this was done earlier, You can only communicate with skype contacts when checking your mails on out look.
 4. Pop Up when you click on More folders to move an email.

  5. Pin Message option

 In addition to the  flagged option, you can now pin your important messages. Pinned emails will remain at the top.

6. Archive folder.
Instead of pinning emails, you can also move important emails from your inbox  to the archive folder .
To use this feature,
 Go to your inbox==>Right click on the message of interest===>click on archive
 and your message had been kept in a special folder.
7. Undo Action
The most common undo on Microsoft word is now available in your outlook account.
This help you to get actions you deleted back.
To use this action select the drop down arrow at the left end when you are typing a new message. This new menu got other features like hyperlinking options,table insertion,adding alternate text or image among others.

8. Templates(Ad ins)
With the new outlook , you can create customized messages and save as templates which can be sent to any user any time , By click Ad ins  when typing a new message.

9. The Sweep Feature 

The sweep feature allows you to keep messages for a particular number days,you can also use it to delete messages from  specific users.You can as well keep emails from specific senders for a length of time.This will hepl keep your inbox clean from thousands of unwanted emails .
10.  More features of word
You can now in subscripts and superscripts redo , undo and redo actions, resize images  and more
Do you like the new outlook features?

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