Hello am Sean wayne , I’m back with a new tip. Do you have a USB device that is plugged on the computer ? Are you able to see this device? If the answer to the first is yes and the second ‘’NO’’ .Follow the following steps

Usually we think our ports are bad or worst as usual we accuse our ’’ guys’’ Viruses.
The problem is at the windows register. Actually an error occurred at the level of giving the flash a letter (attribute). But no worries, we’ll remedy to that so fast.

                                                  This Opens

Okay now we get directly to ‘Disk management’. (And Pray Not To go elsewhere playing or touching for it could be lethal for your OS (lol)
By Now you should see something like this

;Now We Can See my Toshiba and the Others. But The ‘Toshiba’ drive has no Letter (attribute). So we Right-click on The ‘’ wanted’’ device and go to ‘Modify letter

                                  Then another Pop up window will be displayed as below

                             We Click On Add and choose a letter of our choice

                                                                        Then Ok

Toshiba Drive Exposed

Now Visible. So  No more blames neither to our ports nor viruses.

Aim Achieved!!!
See you on my next Post

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