Online applications is the  the new trend when it comes to admissions into universities.
After the GCE exams or your degree, it is always useful to get admitted into a  universty that will meet your career and academic needs. The university of Buea (UB) is such a place ''The Place to Be'' where you can count on. The university of Buea is fast responding to the tech world. To reduce movement and overcrowding  and other inconveniences, students seeking admission into the university of Buea will be able to do it online. The  UB onIine application is very fast and easy to go about . To get started , you need to get the following handy
*Result slip or certifcate  (GCE ordinary level & Gce advance level  OR  Bac   and Bepc).
* Mobile Money Account
*Birth Certificate

will share with you a tutorial on how to go about it.

So Step 1
open another tab on your browser and type

You will be taken to the UB website as on the screen shot above. Click on    ''Admission'' and you will be redirected to another tab (

Step two(At

Scroll down to see the various options available. Once you see an option you are interested in, place the cursor on the program you are interested in to see the minim requirements.  If you see you are qualified to apply for the program, then proceed to step 3
NB: Make your choices on programs that are having the green tick.


Note your choice somewhere and Click on '' CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW '' displayed in green at the top left of  the page

Step 4
 Click on create account and enter all information
NB: Do not forget the captcha displayed before create account displayed  on a black background.

Step 5: Click on Admission form===> Select program[Bachelors degree for first year student(fresh men)]===>Click on Mobile money  and make payments with MTN Mobile money. as seen on the Screen shot.
NB: Follow one- four in Red
I believe at this stage you will be able to complete the process as it involves uploading your picture and feeling some useful information. Was the platform easy to go by?

If you still need assistance with the process  contact me to help you .
NB: Services offered are not free of charge.

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