Recently, many had been asking me how they can make free calls in Cameroon. We all need to minimize our expenditure in communication to our benefit. After some thinking, I came to realize it is better to get your airtime for internet on your phone or internet key. This is because with an internet connection you can benefit from many services in which free calls are included. So how can we make free calls on the internet?
Smart phone-smart phone(App to app)
There are several  smart phones apps that can be used to make free calls online. Apps like viber ,facebook messenger, whatsapp and  skype can be used to make free calls on the internet
Smart phone to computer(computer-smart phone)
This can be used in the case when one of your friends/family is not having a smart phone. There are several services too for this. But I will recommend skype.
With an internet connection on your computer, you can get access to free calls. Again, skype is the best to use here.  You can as well try Google hang outs. However it works most with updated web browsers.
Computer to phone
There are services that can allow you make calls out of Cameroon from your pc to a phone. This mostly work with  US number.  The most popular is G-Talk
App to phone
There are app which can be used to call telephones. The phone must not be connected to the internet. Some apps to think of are skype and googe hangout.

  Voice over Internet Protocol(VoIP) services are gaining a lot of popularity and you should consider using them.
It is important to note we got a lot of mobile devices nowadays, Ipads, tablets and more. Calling friends is all about using the best apps.  Check out our next post on apps to make free calls.

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  1. You can make free calls and send messages over a standard 3G or Wi-Fi association. You can even call your companions right on their PCs utilizing your Skype contact list. free business calls

    1. Thank you Unusual Peter. I greatly apprreciate your contribution

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