The most Popular internet explorer is exactly is 19years old today.  Microsoft announced a new web browser during the annual build conference is San Francisco. Little is known about the Edge browser(Project spartan) since it is in the development process. Many think the browser will officially be released together with windows 10 .
                         Major Features of Microsoft EDGE
====  Another great feature is the reading list which enable users to save their favourite articles right on their browsers. In addition to this, you can turn on reading view and adjust the style and font of an article to suit you.

==  Edge features an address bar where users can search whatever they want on the web.  
==  With EDGE, users will be able to  take notes  and share with others on the web. ‘’With EDGE, you should be able to write on the web’’

==Another interesting feature is the hub where you can view your reading list, browsing history and  book marks.

==Edge is integrated with Cortana, an intelligent personal assistant developed by Microsoft for Windows  8.1, and Windows 10 with features such as ; being able to set reminders, recognize natural voice without the user having to input a predefined series of commands, and answer questions. Cortana willba available on the address bar of EDGE.
  == Edge can  be installed on laptops, smart phones and PCs
==It is developed based on HTML.
==  Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox extensions can be used in EDGE.
== The Logo resemble the internet explore logo.
           Upon the release of edge, internet explorer will still be available.  Internet explorer had been criticised by many developers. Edge can just be described as a better internet explorer. This can be seen with the logo, resemblance.

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