1.     Mobile phone
      Orange SIM card
2.     Recharge more than 500F
Benefits of the offer.
15 F/mn to Orange
60 F/mn to others networks
3,5 F/S to international(all destinations)
10 F/sms to Orange
25 F/sms to other networks
100 F/sms to international (all destinations)
This service is not the best in all because it can be frustrating when you don’t have enough money to recharge.
You cannot recharge for future use since recharges from 100 to 500   are valid for one day while 500 and more are valid for 2days.
You will make calls at 220F per minute.
How to Access the offer
Dial l #131*3# before any recharge.
NOTE:If you dial the code after recharge it won’t work.

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