==  > Unlimited SMS with Orange Cameroon
 On the 7th and 8th of March,  recharge 250 XOF  and dial  #195# to enjoy unlimited SMS.

== >  Fly with Jet at the Best Discount
Benefit by using Jet airline for your flight to India between February 25th and Match 31st.  This offer is for those travelling in groups with at least one female. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy special movies as well as participate in a fundraising to support underprivileged women.

== > Shop at Amazon.com
If you have  visited  amazon.com, you must have seen the tag #makeithappen . Use this opportunity to do your shop, because with time it will be gone and every product will return to normal. You are able tio enjoy discounts ranging from 25 to 70 percent for shopping on Amazon.

Do you have any offers? Happy Womens day.
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