Enjoy Mobile TV with Nexttel and TNT Africa

With the coming of the Nexttel,  Cameroonians can now enjoy the various technological advantages related  to recent technology.
TNT Africa in Partnership with Nextel Make it possible for you to watch the nations Cup on Your 3G PHONES. This is through the Mobi Tv offer of Nexttel.
What is The Mobi TV offer?
This is an offer by the 3g network to its subscribers. This offer allow you to enjoy live TV or Video on demand(VOD) on your phone.
How can i Take part in This?
The first thing you have to do is to buy a Nexttel  Sim card.
After getting a simcard you will need a 3G OR 4G phone. It might work with Some  2.5G PHONES
For sure, you have you have to insert the simcard  and set up internet connection with Nexttel.
Launch your browser   and type http://mobitv.nexttel.cm
Choose either Live TV or Video on Demand and Enjoy with the 3G network.  I will keep you updated with the various  packages available.
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