Which method do you use to change the line spacing of your blogger Blog?

               Line spacing constitute an important aspect so far as blogging is concern. It makes reading easier and also keep you blog posts presentable.

The most common method is by using the Custom Cascading style sheets.(CSS). There are several ways of adding  a css file to your HTML page. Ok I think you are saying Enough of this! Lets get into the matter .

  You can do this directly on your blog by following the steps below:

1. Go to your Dashbord  select Design and Click on Edit HTML

Probaly you will find some text that looks disoredered. You must not be an expert to do this.

Remove the fear in you and

2) Look out for the text that look  like the one below

post-body   { font-size:100 % ;                                                                                                                                                       line-height: 1.5;

            position left:


Please you dont need to copy and paste.

Note that you can find all the text above as  single line of text. I made that for clarity purpose.   For exmaple you can see something like this;                                                                              post-body   { font-size:100 % ;   line-height: 1.5; position left:}

3.  simple put the line  spacing you wish to use for your blog by editing the after the  line-height

The one displayed above is 1.5 spacing. You can enter the spacing you wish  to use for your blog

4. After editing Click save . This will change the spacing of all the present and future post of your blog.

Please let me know if this worked well for you.







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    1. You are welcome Absarul.I hope to see you next time for more

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  3. where the fuck is editing where is dashboard, how do I get paragraphs closer together, why not just be simple like fuckeing facebook


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