Twitter being the second most used social network  is also a   means of making money online. We have seen alot of post on how you can promote your business on twitter. But what is the case if you dont have a business to promote?  I will be sharing with you one of the simpliest ways to make money with twitter.
             If you love writting,  you can choose a career as a ''tweeter''. They are people around you that  want their messages to go through or want their businesses to be advertised on twitter but dont have the time to do so may be because of their busy schedule.   You can help them. They need you. A good example is the footballer Aurelin Chedjou who uses the sponsored tweets to pass his message to his fans.
You can tweet for people while they pay you. You can also create twitter accounts for people and promote them while making some cash. A good website to join is

                                Start up a career as  Tweeter

You can also get paid for retweeting to your fans too. This may look strange but it is a reality. To start up a twitter business you can set up a blog or a website about twitter where people can contact you and arrange for the number of followers they need.  As for me , i just post my ads as a tweeter and get some clients . i hope to get more and more clients with time.
They are many websites that offer twitter followers.  So you can stand as a third party between the advertiser and such websites whil making some money. I believe this is quiete a promisisng career as we have many stars trying to get popular,new business created everyday and more.
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  1. Thanks so much for this information. I will let you know how it is going . where can I buy twitter followers.
    Good work

  2. Thank you . i Think i read an email from you. i have sent you some links. Hope they will help

  3. Come and see how 1,000's of people like YOU are working for a LIVING by staying home and are fulfilling their dreams TODAY.


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