Top 5 Social Media Networks   In Cameroon
 Many are leaving yahoo messenger to join the best social networks. This was the most popular chatting site in Cameroon the past 5 years.  Among dating sites, Cameroonians also use  the social media greatly. With interviews with cyber cafes , and internet user. We came out with the following. Results might not be accurate. They just give an approximate classification in Cameroon. 
Facebook is one of the greatest social media network that has grown in Cameroon. I guess its because of it great features Photo sharing, funny pictures, posting comments, advertising, creation of pages and groups of interest.  More than half of the population use facebook just to share photos and share with friends. Do you know the social media is not just for chatting and making new friends or dating?  We also do networking(creation of groups) , social media marketing and more. Note that facebook has about 800million visitors per month. Think of what to do with this ,  guys. Expose your products and brands.
Also, With Facebook you can send friend request , and also follow people who interest you, like pages of interest,  show musics you like, play games , chat,  private messaging, video calling etc. Don’t have a Facebook account yet? Click here to join. Facebook also give free email addresses to those who sign up to it. Yea you neve knew that? Mind is  You can use your number or any email to join facebook.
 Twitter to me is very similar to Facebook , its just different in that you cannot send a friend request. You can follow someone who is of interest to you.  A good number of Cameroonians too use twitter with its estimated 250 million visitors per month. I think twitter has done great given that it is very new compared to Google plus and others.  Twitter is a face book in another way.  You join with any email.

3. GOOGLE PLUS:  I called this network the world of Google . With about 150million visitors per month, This is a social network that I had heard some people describe as a ‘’ failed social network’’.  I believe those using such words today are suffering from the lack of knowledge. Everything has a start. Today Google own a greater section of the online market. With the multipurpose functions of Google, Joining Google plus will give you better chances of getting updates online than any other social media. 
A good number of Cameroonians’ use this network too. Mostly  those who understand what blogging is all about. With Google plus you can enjoy the following
-          Follow people of interest,
-          join discussion groups, 
-          forums, for  example +Erin Morgart 
-          comment on post of interest,
-          share photos
-          enjoy chat using Google hang outs
-          host online meetings (webinars)
-          Enjoy adverts from all over the world just to name but few. Juts join Google plus now and experience the greatness of Google. Ok click here to join Google plus( )
 IYou will need a Gmail account to join Google plus.
4. Linkedin
                Linkedin with 200 million visitors per month is the fourth social network in Cameroon. Mnay Cameroonains say the like the network but it has so many premium options. Options that need you to expose your credit card details which are very easy to access with google, facebook and twitter for free.  This is the social network for networking. With this net work ,
-you can connect with people of different network that correspond to your profession
- you professionals can connect with people that theey admire
- you can also join groups that discus topics that interest you.
-you can also send messages (private messaging system)
5. Pinterest ;
This network has also taken a place in Cameroon. Many Cameroonians are aware of this great site with monthly visitors of about 140.5million. what do we use pinterest for?
-share pictures
-sell products ( pinterest for business)
-find jobs
-follow people with pins of interest
- join groups with pins of interest and more
If you don’t have a pinterest account click here to join

Top dating sites used in cameroon coming up next.


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