Last time we were talking about this four great cats in  which we mentioned Buddy. Ashley has just discover that Buddy have 12 rules. 

The 12 Rules of Buddy

1. Buddy hates damp rainy weather but snow isn't as bad because she can play in it & only get her paws wet.
 2. She wants either tuna or salmon pate for breakfast and like Spike & OJ, the two flavors must be alternated, the same flavors must NEVER be given 2 days in a row or she won't eat it. They must be heated properly even if they're room temperature it's not good enough unless they're served warm.
 3. Litter box must be scooped out several times daily or she's not happy.
 4. Buddy doesn't like the other three cats looking at her.
 5. DON'T sneak up on Buddy when she's sleeping or your hand is in danger of being snapped at, you MUST ALWAYS start talking softly to her before you touch her.
 6. If canned food isn't put directly in front of her nose she won't eat it. 
7. If part of food gets cold aka room temperature while Buddy's eating, she quits & the food must be reheated and pushed back to the middle of the plate and then she'll consider whether to continue eating or snub what's in front of her. 
8. If rule 7 wasn't done fast enough she won't eat what's left on her plate & if she does she gives evil cat eye glares that can give you goosebumps sometimes. 
9. Windows must be defrosted as needed or yowling commences. 
10. NEVER EVER EVER pet Buddy after you have pet Rascal or OJ or your hand is in danger. She really doesn't like the other cats but seems to view Spike as a bratty baby. 
 11. If Buddy acts like she wants out and she goes out but decides 2 seconds later or 5 or 10 minutes later that she wants back in and you let her back in it's your fault for making her go out when you should have known better than to make a poor cat go out in December even if the weather's kinda mild. 
 12. If Buddy's not happy you're probably not going to be either because she'll yowl until the problem is fixed. 
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